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Stories and Poems

On this page is a compilation of different types of works from different authors. They range from being thoughtful to sad to inspirational and beyond. The selections are listed alphabetically for your convenience.

If you have an animal related story, poem, or et cetera that you think others would like to and/or should read, please send us a copy and we will put it on the site. We always are interested in various animal related compositions.

***Please be advised these literary works may contain some graphic literary depictions. If young children will be reading these, please read ahead of time before they do in order to make sure the literature is age appropriate for them. Thank you.

  • Alone unknown, this is a poem about the life and contemplations of an adopted dog

  • Animals' Savior.......... a very short inspirational thought by Jim Willis

  • Animals Have Feelings Too.......a picture drawn in 2002 by Robynn Parker (age 10) and Trey Yost (age 13)

  • Dog Ownership (found on; this is an excerpt from Faithful Companion written by Margie Parsons [])..........actually, this humble request in the form of a poem applies to all animals

  • Do I Go Home Today?.....a poem of despair; this one may have a sad or happy unknown as of the time this page was edited

  • From the Den.....a poem about raising a pet with the right intentions and the great rewards of doing so

  • How Could You? ...... a short story by Jim Willis

  • I Am Here.........thought provoking poem

  • I asked For a Flower.....short, inspirational poem

  • If I had My Life To Live Over........a poem about not taking life for granted and showing your loved ones how much you care now, before it's too late

  • If I knew It Would Be the Last Time.....a poem about living life for today and making the most of it because "Tomorrow is not promised to anyone,
    young or old alike, And today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight."

  • Old Dog....a poem about a person's love, patience, and respect for elderly pets

  • Pet Shop Puppy....a poem about the sadness and physical hardships that puppy mill puppies endure before and after reaching Pet Stores where they are displayed

  • Puppies For Sale.......a very short story about humility, love and understanding

  • Rainbow Bridge......short inspirational story

  • September 11th, 2001 at the Rainbow inspirational story about activities at the Rainbow Bridge on 9/11/01 

  • Slow Dance......a poem about appreciating life and taking the time & effort to appreciate others (this poem can pertain to animals as well as it does to people)

  • That Stray Cat...............a cute short narrative of which a lot of cat lovers can relate

  • The unknown, this is a story with a message

  • Twas The Night B4 Christmas........A poem that makes the point that animals should not be given as gifts


This page was last modified on October 03, 2009.