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 Foster Parents Needed   


The purpose of our group is to organize and raise funds for the building

and maintenance of a no-kill animal shelter to serve Northeast Ohio.


Until our goal becomes a reality,

we are trying to help people place their animals in foster or permanent homes.


Your help is desperately needed to save the animals!


We have developed a new and unique program:

Forgotten Animal Shelter's "Quarantine Foster Parent" program.


Most folks would love to help us but just can't commit to having a foster kitten, cat, puppy or dog

in their home until the animal is adopted to it's new forever home.


Currently, Forgotten Animal Shelter has a temporary kitten and cat sanctuary but we do not have

the space to place the animals before they are introduced to our sanctuary.

Kittens and cats need to be quarantined and observed through a period of time before and after their FeLV/FIV test and FeLV, Distemper and Rabies shots.  We do not want to pass on any illnesses (most common is Upper Respiratory) to those that are healthy in our sanctuary.


When we receive calls from folks that have strays or a mom and kittens that need our help, we are encouraging folks to help us!


We will provide the vet care and all supplies you need....we just need your house for a short time.

Do you have a 1/2 bath that you can give up or share for a few weeks?  How about your laundry room or that spare bedroom.


The important stages of bringing a new kitten or cat into our sanctuary are:

1.  Is it healthy


and, just as important


2.  Has it learned to bond and trust humans?


We can do a lot to help those abandoned kittens and cats but can't do it without the public's support.

Can we count on you?


Our foster program is in the beginning stages of planning but we do know that the most important aspect of a successful foster program is having good, foster parents.  Please complete our Foster Parent Application and mail it back to us.


Our foster program will include education and training for all fostering parents.





This page was last modified on October 02, 2009.