I Am Here

(by Judith D. Steele     8/11/95)

I am here waiting for you.
Do you think of me?
I am here waiting for you.
Can you set me free?

I somehow lost my home.
I'm not sure of folks I meet.
I found myself alone,
Lost and frightened in the street.

I tried to make some friends,
but was shooed and pushed away.
Is this the way it ends,
just another stray?

So much danger in the air!
My presence brings on fear!
Not welcome anywhere!
People run when I get near!

Picked up by the dog cops
and put in a foster home.
The food and care are really tops
but still so all alone.

I won't take too much space.
Just a small room in your heart.
A teeny, tiny little place,
Where I can make a start.

No I'm not a cute little puppy,
But I won't pee upon your floor.
I just need someone to love me.
Please open up the door.

I am here waiting for you.
Where ever can you be?
I am here waiting for you.
Can you spare some love for me?


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