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  Mission Statement


Forgotten Animal Shelter organization was formed as it was realized that there was a need for another "no-time-limit" animal shelter in the Northeastern Ohio region.


  • Raise funds to buy land, and to build and maintain a    shelter to help the animals here in the region of    Northeastern Ohio receive a good, temporary home.

  • The shelter will not euthanize its animals unless it is   deemed as a humane means to end their suffering.

  • Our initial focus will be on small companion animals such as those abandoned, abused or animals whose owners can no longer care for them.

  • With future expansion of the shelter, the region's large companion, farm, and injured wild animals will find the Forgotten Animal Shelter as their sanctuary.

  • Our volunteers and members will make all of these animals' stay in the shelter as comfortable and beneficial as possible.

  • The animals will remain at the shelter until placed with well-screened foster homes of caring families or individuals or until placed in a permanent, stable home.

  • While in foster care, we will do everything in our power to find the animals the stable, permanent homes that they deserve.

  • Education will be one of our top priorities. Subjects that our speakers will teach include but will not be limited to:

  • Humane care of animals.

  • The importance of spaying/neutering to control the animal over-population.

  • The importance of humane legislation to protect the animals and to make punishments stricter on the people who do abuse animals (**we are not, and will not be, lobbyists...we will simply encourage open discussions about past, present, and future laws that affect animals and their guardians).

  • How

    More animal lovers are attending our monthly meetings. They are giving great suggestions on how they and others can help this organization raise funds to meet our goals of  building and maintaining our shelter. Also, it does help tremendously when people spread the word about our cause, our goals, and our accomplishments. We hope to see you at our next meeting or to at least hear from you!





    This page was last modified on October 02, 2009.