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Help Placing Pets Through FAS

Since we do not have a facility built at this time, we try to help people gain exposure for pets that they are trying to find new permanent homes for.   Our representatives may be able to refer people to breed specific rescue organizations (mainly for dogs).  FAS will put information on our Petfinder ( website for you.    We also have a temporary cat & kitten sanctuary and several foster homes.  Email us if you need provided, we may be able to take in your cat or kitten.  No feral cats will be accepted.  A surrender fee will be required as well as updated tests and vaccinations.  Please email if we can help.

If you have a pet(s) needing a new home whose information you would like to place on our websites, please contact us with the required information. This is simply a free service to the community and no promises that a pet will be placed are expressed or implied by Forgotten Animal Shelter. 

All inquiries regarding the pet(s) will go directly to you - we don't screen potential adopters for pets that are in the care of individuals, we simply provide the space on our website to get better advertising exposure for the pet(s).

We will not post your entry if your animal is not current on all shots and spayed/neutered.  We must also require the following (4) items of information:

1) The name of the pet. If this is a rescued animal that does not yet have a name, simply give it an arbitrary name.

2) A great description.

  • Type of animal (i.e., dog, puppy, cat, kitten, horse, pony, bird, ferret, etc.)

  • Breed.  If the animal is a mixed breed, please divulge as many breeds that you think/know are in the mix.

  • Indicate whether the animal is small, medium, or large for the breed.

  • Sex

  • Age

  • Temperament/behavior

  • Indoor or outdoor or both

  • Veterinary records (shots given, how current and tests performed) 

  • Has the animal been spayed/neutered?

  • What veterinary care and/or surgeries has this animal had?

  • Does the animal get along good with children?

  • Does the animal get along with adults (both male and female)? 

  • Is it good around other animals? If not, please specify which animals.

  • Why do you want to place it in a new home?

  • If a cat, is he/she litterbox trained?

  • If a cat, is he/she declawed?

  • If a dog, is he/she crate trained?

  • If a dog, is he/she house trained?

  • Has the animal had any obedience training?

  • Who was the trainer?

  • Feel free to give any other details.

3) Picture. This is a must. Pictures immensely help get animals adopted more quickly. They must be good quality pictures. If you would like your picture returned (if sent via postal service), please state so in your letter. People can send a picture and information either via e-mail or postal service (see addresses below). Another option is to give it to us at an event/meeting. We prefer that the picture, if e-mailed, be in JPEG ("jay-peg") format and 50 KB in size, but it can be in other formats and sizes. You do not need a digital camera to e-mail pictures. Some stores have regular services in which they can place pictures from film cameras onto CD's for computer and e-mail use.


4) An adoption fee is required to be stated. FAS does not receive any proceeds from the adoption fee. The fee is paid directly to you, the rescuer/guardian. We do NOT post free pets. Realistically speaking there is a greater chance for the animal to end up in laboratory collectors’ hands, with people who want to use it for animal mills, and in other possible cruelty and neglect situations. The fee can be an excellent screening tool for the rescuer/guardian when interviewing possible adopters. For example, if an adoption fee is unaffordable to a potential adopter, then so would be the daily and veterinary care involved with taking care of their new pet.


If you cannot e-mail picture(s) and information,

please send them via postal service to:


Attn: Webmaster

Forgotten Animal Shelter

P. O. Box 46

Medina, OH    44258

      If you can e-mail the pictures and information, please send to:

As with all potential foster/adoptive homes, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of screening via questions, meeting, etc. to make sure the pet is going to a great home.

This page was last modified on October 03, 2009.