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Pets Wanted

If you are searching for a new beloved pet to bring into your home, please send the webmaster your description and we will post it on this page. Please include pet type, whether it has to be one that can live with other pets and/or children, age preferred (if any), and any other details that may be your criteria for this new pet. Hopefully, if the one you want is not on the Pets Needing Homes pages already, someone will see your request and match you with your next new pet.

If the type of pet you are looking for is not on our site, we highly recommend searching the main site. Petfinder is able to list area shelters/organizations that have the type of pet for which you are searching. Simply type in your ZIP code and choose the desired characteristics of your next pet. The Petfinder site will then show you a list of the pets that meet your criteria in your area (listed according to distance). Good luck in finding your next beloved pet!

Please take time making your decision.  Be sure you have thoroughly researched the type and breed of pet you are considering adopting.  Make sure the pets' attributes, veterinary records, and behaviors are as accurate as the rescuer/guardian claims.  We encourage you to visit the home of the rescuer/guardian to see the pet in a family environment to determine how it interacts with adults (male and female), children and other animals.  Remember, if the adoption does not work and you have to return the animal, this will cause stress on both you and the animal.  The following links contain useful information to help you decide what is best for you and your family.  Also, please consult your veterinarian for more information as he/she can give you the best advice about bringing a particular type and breed of pet into your home especially if you have other pets.

Answers to your questions about dog breeds, dog health and buying a puppy.

PetNet - Selectapet Dog Breed Selection

Choosing a cat breed that is right for you.

PetNet - Selectapet Cat Breed Selection


Click on the pages below to see what pets are being searched for.


Dogs Wanted

Cats Wanted


This page was last modified on October 03, 2009.